Friday, December 25, 2009

That's Nice!

Minty was the brainchild of art performer/fashion maker etc, etc, Leigh Bowery. Formed in 1993. Later ressurrected as a character by Boy George in his musical production Taboo. After his death, his wife Nicola carried on the Minty saga with a string of singles and releases. From 1996 comes “That’s Nice.” A quirky art glam smash up, complete with remixes for your after hours nite clubbing.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Before becoming an A&R man for record companies, Julian Raymond was a Portland musician that played in the band Movie Star with fellow mates Jamie St. James and Tommy Thayer. When the latter two wanted to rock out more and formed Black N Blue, Julian went in the opposite direction leaning more toward dance pop. Bang Bang was his new group, and while playing the L.A. club scene, the band signed to Epic and released one effort in 1984, titled “Life Part II.” Tours would follow with INXS, and Cyndi Lauper, but not enough to propel the band further. The record, now a nostalgic rarity among those that celebrated L.A.’s glam rock glory days. But don’t get too excited, the record lacks any sense of their own identiy. Despite Julian’s characteristic vocals, the songs were as stale as anything by Level 42. Miraculously the record closes with “Dark Intentions,” a song akin to Japan’s “Nightporter.”

Download Bang Bang here:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In 1995, a year before the release of their Sire Records debut, the band Nancy Boy independently put out the CD “Promosexual.” Nancy Boy featured actor-turned-Camp Freddy singer Donovan Leitch as frontman. Long before Orgy, and the whole slew of lackluster retro 80’s bands from 2003 onward that would emerge, Nancy Boy were breaking out the Moog’s and making dancey synth inspired tracks amongst themselves. The song “Johnny Chrome And Silver” proves this point and then some.

Download Nancy Boy here:

Anyone with good taste in music knows quite well that Sweden is a hotbed for talent.

“Du och jag (i hela varlden)” is a single by a Swede simply known as Martin. This track alone is reason and proof in demonstrating how well their sh*t is together.

Download Martin here:

One should not condemn John Taylor for the many side projects he took part in during the 90’s. “Terroristen” was his first release on his own label, which in fact is a live recording from his band’s first show together at The Roxy in Hollywood in ‘98. On this EP you’ll hear him do edgy versions of Duran classics “Rio” and “Planet Earth.” His voice suiting the songs with ease and coolness.

Download John Taylor here:

The late 90’s saw the solo release of Eurythmics main man Dave Stewart try to utilize current studio production senses of its time, by crafting a Morcheeba-esque record full of drum loops and spacey synth tectures, appealing to the dinner lounge patrons as they try and be hip while eating their salad. The single “Happy To Be Here” shows quirky quick witted verses fused with an immediate catchy chorus.

Download Dave Stewart here:

No one in the 80’s could compete with the brillance of ABC’s “The Lexicon Of Love” record. The band moved on from the Trevor Horn cinematic landscape of that debut and managed to thrive with a string of hits after that. 1991 saw the release of “Abracadabra,” as the band produced their most dancable collection of songs yet.

But 6 years later in 1997, Martin Fry decided to recapture the straight up pop that made him a millionaire with songs such as “Be Near Me” and “When Smokey Sings.” The single “Stranger Things” harkens back to those instantly catchy melodies and piano tag line.

Download ABC here:

Rob Laufer is a singer/songwriter that sits perfectly sandwiched between your Tom Petty and Rodney Crowell records. His 1993 release “Swimming Lesson” is a must for anyone who's a fan of the great American songbook. Highlight on here is

"Broken Record."

Download Rob Laufer here: